A story that starts in Alsace in 1885

Near Strasbourg, Gustave Klein and Ernest Wanner embarked upon an adventure and a gripping challenge: to make the best beer bitters in the region.
Favouring top quality ingredients, they select sun-drenched citrus fruits (oranges, tangerines…).
The gentian came from the high windswept plateaux of the Massif Central, where it grows wild.

Slow and delicate maceration

These ingredients macerate for long weeks in the purest alcohols, in the dark. It is throughout this patient phase that the flavours of the citrus rind, gentian root and many other plants mingle to become the noble, refined product that is Sommer bitters.
During this period, only experience can be the guide to judge the evolution of the maceration and to stop it at the best moment: when Sommer bitters leaves its delicate imprint of fruity, bitter-sweet aromas and flavours on the beer.

A secret recipe

The exact recipe of Sommer bitters is a well-kept secret that has been handed down through generations of "maître infuseurs (master infusers)", using regional know-how. This method perpetuates in the cellars of our old brewery in Ingwiller.